Titles for courses taught and student supervision.

MSc Theses supervisor:

NSS@KTH, Sweden:

  • 2021–2022, A. Kotsias “Layer 2 Smart Contracts for secure vehicular-sharing systems”
  • 2020–2021, S. Rabat “Encrypted Documents Retrieval From The Cloud With Searchable Encryption”
  • 2021, J. Shan “Secure vehicular sharing systems Implementation” (student project)

COSIC@KULeuven, Belgium:

  • 2019–2020, David De Troch: “dPACE, a decentralized Privacy-preserving, yet Accountable Car sharing Environment”
  • 2017–2018, D. Reardon, “Measuring the Prevalence of Browser Fingerprinting Within Browser Extensions”
  • 2017–2018, A. Madhusudan, “Applying Smart Contracts to Secure Car Sharing Systems”
  • 2016–2017, S. Dhooghe, “Applying Multiparty Computation to Car Access Provision”
  • 2015–2016, T. Bertels, “Design of a pairing protocol for the AR.Drone 2.0”
  • 2015–2016, K. Domin, “Security Analysis of the Drone Communication Protocol: Fuzzing the MAVLink Protocol”

Teaching – Academic sector:

NSS@KTH (2020–2022), Sweden: Networked Systems Security (NSS):

  • Fundamental concepts and technologies related to the security of modern, state-of-the-art networked systems (Course introduction)
  • Building Networked Systems Security (BNSS): Implementing security for modern, state-of-the-art networked systems. Follow-up of NSS, (Course introduction)
  • Advanced Networked Systems Security (ANSS): Deep understanding and cutting-edge engineering of security for state-of-the-art emerging networked systems. Follow-up of NSS/BNSS, (Course introduction)

COSIC@KULeuven (2013–2018), Belgium:

  • P&D Information Systems and Signal Processing (B-KUL-H09M0A): Embedded systems programming for secure communication and signal processing

Teaching – other teaching:

  • 2005–2011, Elementary, Secondary, High school@Ministry of Education and @Private-sector, Greece: Web programming course - Lifelong learning education@Ministry of Education: Provided training to students in web programming technologies (e.g., PHP, SQL). Ministry of Education
  • Application Development in Programming Environment course - High school@Ministry of Education and
  • Provided training to students in algorithmic logic and programming and prepared them for the qualification University exams in Greece, Ministry of Education and private sector
  • ICT technologies course - Elementary school@Ministry of Education: Provided training to students in computer science principles, mathematics, and programming language using ICT, Ministry of Education
  • 2006–2011, Lifelong learning@Police academy and @Private-sector, Greece: Advanced Office Suite course and certification preparation - Lifelong learning@Police academy and @private sector: Provided training to students on acquiring skills for using the Microsoft Office suite and prepared them for acquiring a certificate of knowledge.