Iraklis Symeonidis

Digitalisation | Cybersecurity | Privacy Engineering | Innovation | ISO 27001


Research Institutes of Sweden

Isafjordsgatan 22, floor 6,

16 440 Kista, Stockholm


I am a research scientist at RISE.

My research interests are related on designing protocols from transport up to the application/service layer utlizing cryptographic primitives.

  • Cyber-secure systems and threat analysis,
  • Data governance and privacy-preserving,
  • Secure architectures and networking,
  • Applied cryptography,
  • Decentralized systems and Smart Contracts.

I hold a Ph.D. from COSIC of KU Leuven, supervised by Prof. Bart Preneel. Previously, I was a post-doctoral researcher at NSS of KTH, SnT of the University of Luxembourg, and COSIC of KU Leuven. Furthermore, I hold an MS.c. in Digital Systems Security from the University of Piraeus and an engineering degree in Information and Communication Engineering from the University of the Aegean.

Publications: Google Scholar